Consulting & Conception

As a tangible and energetic support for your realisation, a strong partner helps.
With us you have found the right partner.
We design, plan and develop what helps to move your company forward.
Tailored to your requirements, we put together a dream team / super team / bespoke team from our specialists and experts from our long-standing network.

Design & Planning

We create extraordinary designs and will (of course) work side-by-side with you through all phases of planning.

This is how we ensure unforgettable moments at your events.

You naturally choose what design suits you best.
Anything from an effective and efficient stand to a completely bespoke stand. And our experts always keep feasibility and costs in mind during design and planning.


Virtual, hybrid or purely digital

We provide you with extensive support for your trade fair or for your online and marketing events.

Depending on your needs, we can also collaborate with our long-standing network of experts, therefore we can always offer you the best possible solution to suit your needs.

On top of our Virtual creations, we also create photo-realistic product visualizations and made-to-suit video animations.
This allows your product to shine and sustainably demonstrate how it works, as well as show its benefits and effectiveness.