It takes extraordinary people such as our employees who are prepared to give 100 % together, who know how to pool their individual strengths in such a way that they can open up new horizons working together as a team. We take your projects literally to heart, as the employees that form the “heart” of our company apply themselves to the realisation of your ideas with passion and expertise.

Our team includes specialists from the fields of architecture, design, engineering, media technology and logistics. This is a guarantee of well-trained expertise in our own ranks.

Our Team in Germany

Christian Beyer
Torsten Block
Benjamin Boland
Tommy Breen
Burkhard Broser
Thomas Christmann
Frank Eichenberg
Tim Fischer
Michael Fuchs
Katharina Grabenau
Aljoscha Heskamp
Eugen Hohlfinger
Daniel Holste
Tom Kaden
Hannah Kilic
Dominik Knapp
Kai Kreling
Damian Kruppa
Kirsten Laermann
Marvin Lauter
Christina Leistikow
Nicole Pfirrmann
Max Matthias
Boris Müller
Irena Petrova
Tomas Pladas
Markus C. Oehme
Rainer Wagner
Thomas Strehle
Marija Zilic
Jennifer Volz
Julian Wocker
Romina Wolf